Manistique Area School District students have access to some of the latest advancements in technology.  Available hardware includes digital still cameras, digital video cameras,  professional color scanners,  photo quality color printers, multi-media digital video editing mobile lab and color projection display units.  The Manistique Area School District believes in allowing its students access to the best current technology available.  Approximately 350 computers are in the school district.

Every office and classroom in Manistique Middle/High School is connected through a high speed network, which allows the computers to share files, programs and printers.  The network is connected directly to the internet through a T1 line, resulting in high speed access to the internet for every workstation in the school. 

  Student Acceptable Usage Policy Form           Technology Plan      


District-wide Technology Issues

  Web Access to Electronic Mail System
  SafeSchools Training
  Staff Acceptable Use Policy
  Teacher Access to PowerSchool
  Teacher Resources
  Data Director Access for Teachers/Staff
  Parent Access to PowerSchool
  Room Reservations
  2009 Longitudinal Study (Assessment)

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